Monday, August 30, 2010


Check out little Boomer, a service and guide dog trainee. Per his sponsor family in Florida, Boomer is quite the smart and fearless teenager…and one day bound to be a great guide dog.

It's stories like this that make your purchase of Beach Bum Biscuits so much fun and so important…just check out that face!!!! Go to Seaside Sisters and get yourself a bag…or better yet a bunch of bags and help sponsor little guys like Boomer! Stay tuned for updates on Berkeley and other gggrrreeatt dogs that are benefited by the sale of Beach Bum Biscuits!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Check Out Fido Finalists from Fifi Flowers

The votes are in...and the furry finalists are finished!  Newman here, was the big winner! The top dogs (all 6 of them, plus a Tybee pup, just BECAUSE!) were voted on by Fifi Flowers followers. Each of these paintings will be reproduced and sold in a frameable note card collection soon available at Seaside Sisters...along with Beach Bum Biscuits, of course!

Proceeds from the sale of these fabulous note cards will help to sponsor service and guide dogs.  The contest was so doggone successful, that this canine competition  is to become an annual keep that camera on hand! Say cheese, Rover!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Frameable Notecard Collection by our Friend, Fifi Flowers!

Doggone it…there’s STLL TIME!

Fifi Flowers is putting together precious pooch paintings to become a notecard collection to help sponsor service and guide dogs (a cause near and dear to Beach Bum Biscuits’ furry little heart!). If you have a dog you want to nominate to be painted, like our little Griffin here, email a photo or link to Fifi Flowers on Facebook by August 22nd at noon, PST (that’s West Coast gang)! Doggie photos will be posted online Monday, August 23rd for 2 days wherein the voting will begin. You can vote only ONCE for the dog you want to see painted by Fifi! 6 winners will be chosen on August 26th. Winners get a complementary set of notecards, as well as a special rate on their pet painting by Fifi. Send in your pet photo today…for a GGGRRRReat cause!

Stay tuned as Fifi is also putting together a fabulous calendar of paintings of our beloved fantastical Tybee cottages…of course, they’ll be on sale at Seaside Sisters!

                                                                      Griffin before!
Griffin in all his painted glory!