Friday, April 29, 2011

BBB Dog Tales: Living the Grey Dog Life

What does one do when a loved one is a Houdini that escapes and bolts out the door and another loved one repeatedly brings the outdoors in to your house and studio?  Well, if the loved ones are Weimaraners you just learn to adore them and don't sweat the small stuff!

 Meet Tucker and Oliver, the regal and handsome purebreed wards of  Grey Dog Studio artist, Laurel Johns.  Purebreed, magnificent and rescued, these lads divide their time between Laureal's Hird Island, GA stained glass art studio and summers in Tenants Harbor, ME. 

Weimaraners are friendly, fearless, alert and obedient, but they are also assertive, bold, headstrong and loyal.  As with most rescued animals, you may start out to do something good by adopting a homeless pet, but you soon find out they rescue you right back!

We'll share more about Laurel and her beautiful and extraordinary stained glass art in an upcoming Mermaids In Our Midst, so for right now enjoy these charming fellows and learn more about the joys of adopting one or any animal from your local shelter or rescue group.

For more information about Weimaraners go to and Adopt, Foster, Transport and Volunteer in your community.

For more information about Grey Dog Studio, Laurel Johns and her stained glass art creations go to

Laurel is making a difference in the art world and in the pet community by rescuing these magnificent Weimaraners.  Thanks for sharing your art and Tucker and Oliver, Laurel!

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